style tips for petites

8 Style Tips for Petites

Let’s talk short people. I’m a short person I am for eleven and a half the last time I measured which is a long time ago so if I wear shoes and you know stocks I’d probably be five feet tall but since it was a long time coat maybe I did grow into five feet exactly maybe being short has its perks like.

You can wear child-size things and all that stuff but sometimes it does have its fault especially if you’re trying to go shopping for clothes in normal stores for normal-sized people. It’s just it can be a little difficult and I’ve been short all my life. I’ve always been in the first row sitting down for all those class pictures when I was little for school and I never made it to the second row. I don’t think not that I recall so I’ve had my experiences with being short and I’ve actually overcome a lot of the fashion problems and I just want to share these ideas with you guys so hopefully. I can try it out plus these are kind of like things that I’ve actually done and that actually work not like the weird things where it’s like put it naturally in your shirt in the air turns green or you know I’m talking about those beard hacks don’t really make sense that nobody really uses that people just make for no reason just to make it but anyways I have my handy dandy list right here Anne’s working a Goods analyst alright.

Tip No.1 – So when it comes to skirts a lot of them tend to be a lot longer than we want them to be because we’re short our legs are shorter and you know sometimes. You don’t want to get heads because it’s a pain in the butt or even they just look like blankets on you well this is the cool part if you take a safety pin and you kind of just I don’t know what you call like Rouge or ruffle it a little bit and pin it up. You can actually make it shorter not to mention you can make it your own little design. You can put one on each side and make it kind of like lift up on the sides like this there are a lot of different things you can do with this technique with skirts and I find that it really helps with shortening it up.

Tip No.2 – So there’s no obvious one but if you have a dress that’s too long you can actually take a belt a ribbon or elastic or just anything that can kind of secure something in place and then you can actually just put it around your waist or wherever you prefer and then you can pull some fabric up at the top or even tuck it under the bed and fluffer a little bit so it kind of hides it and that really helps with picking me up the length and also helps accentuate your curves as well or make it look like you have curves and it’s just it works out very well not to mention you look fashionable too if you did choose to show off the belt alright.

Tip No.3 – So in high school, I did the salats because, for some reason in high school, I liked to buy very expensive jeans for whatever frickin reason, and I kind of regret it because it was such a waste of money for jeans that weren’t even comfortable anyways so because they’re so expensive and obviously. I wanted to resell them, but later on, I didn’t want to hem them and make them custom size because not everyone’s my Heights so what I did was actually took the bottoms and folded them and tucked them under that way it actually fits into my booties about like scrunching up and at the same time I won’t drag on the floor and rip or it doesn’t really show that much that it’s not the right length for you.

Tip No.4 – Alternatively this is what I do now outside of high school after college or university this is what I do since it’s trendy now and I think that it looks a lot cuter in my opinion but what you’ve seen me do with my jeans that the only jeans that you’ve seen we ever wear are that I take the bottoms and I roll it the opposite way this way that you can actually see that it’s folded up you can see the cuffs and everything.

Tip No.5 – I just really liked the look of the different colored insides as opposed to the outside and it looks more refined sometimes you can make it look laid-back depending on what you dress it with I just personally like that a lot more now this next prick is a really good perk actually if you want some dresses or something and sometimes you’re a little expensive or you feel like your options are more limited because it’s never the right length or something like that then all you have to do is just take an oversized t-shirt or a hoodie and you can treat it as a dress. I just got a size large since I’m five feet saw and that was just it was a perfect length for me to make it into a dress as I’d still wear some shorts under because it does tend to be a little short but generally speaking it’s long a just to be a pretty short dress you can even size up for a longer dress or you can even go shop in the men’s section men actually have really nice shirts that would be really cute as graphic dresses.

Tip No.6 – I don’t know if this applies to everybody that shorts but for me, I should say very petite and so time straps just tend to be too long and some things just keep hanging really really long even if for like dresses and stuff so I made everything way too low cuts I’m just assuming if you’re shorter than I guess your bone structures will be shorter as well so maybe it would apply to you but it’s actually a really really simple fix all you have to do is just two good needles and thread in pretty much just do when the stitches just keep going over and over it again like I have no sewing skills I’m really bad at sewing and if I can handle that I’m pretty sure you can handle that too.

Tip No.7 – Now you can’t do that if you don’t have a needle and thread at least tell me you have some type of ribbon or a string or something and you can easily just take the straps at the back just tie it together with like a little ribbon and make it like a cute bow or something or even like a tiny thread it’ll make it look like a halter but at the same time it does shorten out those straps the straps do need to be a specific length though but if it’s still too long you can attach another bow or other nods and tie it up again and it’ll just be kind of look at ‘back type of look but in that case, I feel like you’d have to have really really long straps that are way too long for you.

Tip No.8 – Finally I feel like if you’re short it probably means you’re short torso as well like a me and anything that’s kind of cropped it just ends up being normal length like full length anything that’s long ends up being extensively long but one way they can take advantage of that is if you get a really long tank top or some sorts or even like a tank up that’s a size or two larger and you can kind of wear it as like a slip dress not necessarily for fashion type things more so wearing it under something that’s more thinner fabric that’s white or something and you wear it like a nude color under you can wear it as kind of like an under type of thing under shirt under dress a slip dress you know just so that everybody can’t see everything that’s under that’s what I used to do space since it tends to go up a lot higher on you so it covers up a lot more so people can’t really see what’s under as much but over time it’s kind of like nice gets really annoying so at one point I started getting really long tank tops and just shorts under just to kind of cover everything up so people can’t see my bra my panties and like any other stuff they shouldn’t be seeing under the carpet.

All right those are all my style tips for Petites these are all things.

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